Our Mission Includes Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine, where every year our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ronald Bernier, teaches the leaders of various denominations, in the courses of Bachelor and Master of Theology.
     We also have the pleasure of each year our pastor is teaching in seminaries in Africa, through the Barnabas Ministries, which has been a great blessing to our ministry.
     In local missions, the Master Builder Ministries has committed to reach the Portuguese speaking community, evangelizing Portuguese, Brazilian, Cape Verdean, through the services in Portuguese, wich take place at the headquarters of our ministry, led by Pastor Adelson Nalini Junior, who is missionary of MBM. 
     Our missionary work goes far beyond  just evangelizing adults. Through the East Gate Christian Academy, we train students who are distinguished by their Christian character, biblical worldview, and servant leadership.

     As soon as possible we will post more details and picture of our mission work.
     God bless!