Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Message of the Week - Mensagem da Semana

My friends, with pleasure we present these and other messages that you can watch on http://mbministries.blogspot.com/p/videos.html. If you can and want to be with us on Sundays, will be a pleasure to have you among us. On this page you can see the prayer requests of the week and if you want, send us an email with your prayer request. May God bless you.

Meus amigos, apresentamos com prazer estas e outras mensagens que você pode assistir na página http://mbministries.blogspot.com/p/videos.html. Se você puder e quiser estar conosco aos domingos, será um prazer tê-lo entre nós. Nesta página você ainda poderá ver os pedidos de oração da semana e se quiser nos envie um email com seu pedido de oração. Que Deus abençoe a todos.

Message of the week - Mensagem da Semana

Pastor Ronald Bernier – 12-23-2012 – What Child is this? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hgFgkN_vlM


·         Harvey Lescault – esophagus cancer/ having an endoscopic test done then proceeding  with surgery / cancer is localized
·         George Marshall (Laferriere’s Nephew) taken out of program – salvation
·         Rosemarie Perry – cancer localized and removed
·         Lisa Gorton –peace & strength
·         Caleb Deweerd, (2 yr old) broken finger, down syndrome pray for healing & full use of finger
·         Michael – clarity of mind; salvation
·         Paul Pineault – Blood clot in leg & damaged left thumb complete healing
·         Lisa Pineault’s co-worker hit by car was in critical condition fractured bones
·         Ray Ouellette –complete healing from heart surgery
·         Donald Dailey – for peace and healing
·         Nicky (co-worker of Annie Wentzel) – prayer for healing & to know Jesus
·         Mark Bolle – in Afghanistan until March  2013 – prayer for protection, peace & strength for him & his family
·         New Shepherd Films–pray for distribution for FOOTPRINTS & Prayer for financial support for newest  film project, FORGOTTEN HEROES, anticipated screening in 2014.
·         Sarah Stevens– healthy pregnancy / C-section scheduled end of December

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