Monday, May 6, 2013

Messages of Hope - Mensagens de Esperança

My brothers and friends, as we look forward for the summer, we are planning to implement our services and do a great effort to accomplish what Jesus Christ commanded us to do “Go and make disciples of all nations”. The Master Builder Ministries wishes that you engage with us on this journey to conquer more souls for Christ and see His Kingdom growing and multiplying on the earth. If you want to see and watch other messages, you can click on the link bellow and find the older messages.

If you can and want to be with us on Sundays, will be a pleasure to have you among us. On this page you can see the prayer requests of the week and if you want, send us an email with your prayer request. May God bless you.

Meus irmãos e amigos, estamos ansiosos para o verão, estamos planejando implementar os nossos serviços e fazer um grande esforço para realizar o que Jesus Cristo nos mandou fazer "Ide e fazei discípulos de todas as nações". O Ministério Master Builder (Construtor Mestre) deseja que você se envolva conosco nesta jornada para conquistar mais almas para Cristo e ver o Seu Reino crescer e multiplicar sobre a terra. Se você quer ver e assistir a outras mensagens, você pode clicar no link abaixo e encontrar as mensagens mais antigas.

Se você puder e quiser estar conosco aos domingos, será um prazer tê-lo entre nós. Nesta página você ainda poderá ver os pedidos de oração da semana e se quiser nos envie um email com seu pedido de oração. Que Deus abençoe a todos.



Pastor Ronald Bernier - 05-05-2013 - The Value of a Soul

Pastor Adelson Nalini Jr. - 05-05-2013 - Semeando com Lágrimas

Pastor Adelson Nalini Jr. - 04-28-2013 - Fruitful Lives in the Spirit

Pastor Adelson Nalini Jr. - 04-28-2013 - Impulsionados Pelo Espírito


·         Ellen Viveiros – injured Right foot / complete healing
·         Guy – heart surgery / healing
·         Diane Borges – pregnant/cancer of the cervix -prayer to deliver naturally not a c-section-due date end of July
·         Katie for health (physical & mental) salvation
·         Chace Family - salvation
·         Mr. Botelho – healing from bladder infection
·         Ted – another bout of chemo – strength & healing
·         Dawn Dailey- complete healing and restoration of her heart
·         Ronnie Vezina – fell and shattered both heals
·         Lorraine Botelho – Reflux issue pray for relief
·         Bob Andrade – complete healing of broken bones
·         Harvey Lescault – complete healing
·         Kyra Little - Healthy Pregnancy
·         Hilarie Baron  (daughter of Christine Martin)– age 34 / congestive heart failure Paul Bernier’s Mom (Theresa) tumor on pancreas – strength during chemo
·         Cristina Menezes - cancer
·         Lisa Pineault’s co-worker not able to have surgery on knee yet – complete healing.
·   New Shepherd Films–pray for distribution for FOOTPRINTS & Prayer for newest film project, FORGOTTEN HEROES, anticipated screening in 2014.

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